Devils Lake, Oregon

Devils Lake is a shallow lake located on the Oregon coast that was formed by natural blockage of the stream (D River), impounding water up the river valley. Devils Lake is a popular recreational lake within Lincoln City and is locally managed by the Devils Lake Water Improvement District (DLWID). In the 1980s, the DLWID introduced grass carp in an effort to reduce the extensive growths of macrophytes throughout the shallow lake. The operation was successful in eliminating macrophytes.

MaxDepth Aquatics re-mapped Devils Lake with updated equipment and at a higher sampling density to provide a high-resolution map of the lake. We also collected another sediment core in 2004 to build on the previous work that reconstructed changed in water quality through 1993. The results from this recent study show that sediment accumulation rates continue to increase.

The diatom community composition changed after the removal of aquatic macrophytes to taxa that were more planktonic. Cyanobacteria populations also increased following the removal of the macrophytes.