PhycoTech and MaxDepth Aquatics are pleased to announce new joint services for their clients. 

Starting immediately, MaxDepth Aquatics and PhycoTech are teaming up to prepare interpretive reports for samples submitted for identification and quantification.  Together, they will combine their resources for their clients to provide the best in taxonomic services and interpretive capabilities, including modeling and historical analysis of large multi-year datasets.  This is a natural extension of the on-going collaboration between the principals, Ann St. Amand and Joe Eilers, over the past 15 years, including five joint publications in the field.    

PhycoTech ( is a leader in the taxonomic field particularly with respect to the identification and quantification of phytoplankton, periphyton, zooplankton, mussel veligers, macroinvertebrates, fungi, and bacterial taxa.   Ann St. Amand is Part Coordinator, Part 10000 Biological Examination, and Joint Task Group Chair, Plankton Section (10200), Standard Methods for the Examination of Waste Water and Water.  Ann is also co-chair of the Blue-Green Algal Initiative for the North American Lake Management Society, and a certified lake professional.

MaxDepth Aquatics ( has been involved in collection, analysis, and modeling of water quality data for water resource managers.  Joe Eilers has more than 50 publications in the field of water resource management; he is accredited as a professional hydrologist, an aquatic biologist, and a certified lake manager.  Joe has extensive field experience that provides invaluable perspective when interpreting the type of complex taxonomic data produced by PhycoTech.