MaxDepth Aquatics, Inc. works with a variety of specialized firms around the country to provide the best in consulting and water quality management services for our clients.  We work with these entities and strongly recommend their services as trusted partners in water resources management and research.

Aqua Lux Lucis, Inc., Gainesville, FL.  Dr. Curt Pollman.  Services in aquatic resources modeling, with specialized expertise in phosphorus, mercury, and biogeochemical modeling. ph: 352.222.4039,

Aquatic Harvesting, Danville, CA. Rick Hatton.  Aquatic weed harvesting, no chemicals. Working throughout the West. ph: 925.567.3852,

Carpenter Design, Klamath Falls, OR.  Jim and Stephanie Carpenter.  Wetland design and restoration.  ph: 541.885.5450,

Common Futures, Corvallis, OR.  Dr. John Bolte.  Services in modeling landuse scenarios and environmental cnsequences.  ph:   541.753.4670

Endpoint Environmental, LLC.  San Franciso, CA, Catherine Burton.  Services in remote sensing processing and custom map production.  ph: 415.902.0403,

PhycoTech, Inc., St. Joseph, MI.  Dr. Ann St. Amand.  Services in taxonomic identification of algae and zooplankton. ph: 269.983.3654,