Water Quality Monitoring

Water Quality

Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment

The establishment of current conditions in any aquatic system is an essential part of sound management. MaxDepth Aquatics is equipped to conduct a variety of monitoring programs ranging from difficult access sites in wilderness areas to sophisticated multiple-year monitoring programs using probability designs for major watersheds. We have been heavily involved in FERC and nutrient/eutrophication studies as well as research associated with acid-base chemistry. We have conventional and custom sampling equipment for routine sampling of nutrients, solids, plankton, benthos, and major ions. We have our own machine shop for constructing equipment and devices for custom sampling applications. A number of our monitoring and water quality assessment studies have been published and are available review. A list of our monitoring equipment includes:


  • 19 ft aluminum Workskiff for large rivers and lakes
  • 16 ft. pontoon boat for sediment coring
  • 14 ft aluminum Stabi-craft 389 with 50 hp jet pump
  • 14 ft Riken self-bailing raft for whitewater rivers
  • Inflatable and foldable boats for fly-in and non-motorized areas


  • YSI 600 XLS multiparameter sonde with data logging
  • YSI 55 DO meter
  • YSI 30 Conductivity meter
  • YSI 550 DO meter
  • In Situ Troll 9000 multiparameter sonde
  • Hydrolab sonde equipped with Turner Cyclops fluorimeter
  • Orion Research pH meter
  • Li-COR Quantum sensor
  • Marsh-McBirney FloMate electromagnetic flow meter
  • Turner AquaFlor fluorimeter


  • PONAR sampler
  • Eckman sampler
  • 9 cm pneumatic corer
  • Trace-metal Van Dorn sampler
  • Sample integrator
  • Submersible pumps
  • Pressure transducers and temperature loggers
  • Infrared SeaViewer drop camera with video and GPS linkage
  • SCUBA certified
  • Honda generators for self-contained operation